Dear Bill Hanson: Put down that colander, give NA some equality, or just change the damn name back to Evening News.


Last week:

154 days since we had a News and Tribune reporter in New Albany, but look: Cooking School! In Jeffersonville!

Make that 163 days.

It’s quite possible that the length of last evening’s meeting prevented the News and Tribune’s reporter of record from filing the story to meet deadline.

But exactly who was the newspaper’s reporter last evening?

Analysis: Gahan and the rental ordinance, or the emasculation of the once-powerful Oz.

Neither Jerod Clapp nor Chris Morris was in attendance. A few tweets sneaked into the newspaper’s primary Twitter feed, and it finally occurred to me that Jenna Esarey, a local free-lancer, likely was providing coverage.

Let’s reprise: The News and Tribune was down a city beat reporter throughout the conclusion of the 2015 New Albany election cycle.

There hasn’t been a New Albany-centric columnist since Matt Nash left to run for council.

On most days, the ratio of Clark-to-Floyd articles is 60% — and I’m likely being charitable.

Recently, every ounce of the newspaper’s vigor seems devoted to touting its self-aggrandizing cooking school in Jeffersonville (how very … something), even as …

Chef Gina Brown offers all-ages friendly cooking class (Insider Louisville)

… in New Albany.

Finally, when it came to one of the most important city council meetings of the year, who was out there digging out the rental property ordinance for all (pro or con) to see, pointing to the mayor’s unprecedented statement yesterday, and live tweeting the meeting last night?

That’s right: NA Confidential, a mere pro bono blog.

I’m not tooting my own trumpet, just spewing a few facts. This situation has long since become an embarrassment.

Is Bill Hanson still publisher? Why not level with us, Bill? Are you beholden to directives from ‘Bama? Waiting for the journalism schools to disgorge a few freshly graduated (read: acceptably salaried) newbies? None of the above?

The newspaper is quick to let us know when it receives an award. Unfortunately, the current prize is a Golden Raspberry — and the newspaper is the proud recipient.

If you can’t do any better than this, then please just change the name back to Jeffersonville Evening News — you know, fair advertising and all that.