BOMBSHELL: Citywide confusion as Mayor Jeff Gahan is abducted by space alien impostor, who promptly takes public “pro” stand on rental property ordinance.


In 50 months as mayor, Jeff Gahan has not reached into his wallet to expend political capital.

Not  once.

Although NAC has been asking since December, prior to today Gahan has given no public indication of his stance on the rental property ordinance — either way, yea or nay.

Why now?

Is it because he doesn’t have the votes? Is it because he does, and is acting to claim full credit? If success depends on Republican votes, is there a payback (i.e., weakened street reform)?

Will Gahan attend tonight’s meeting and face disgruntled property owners — or was the deal fixed when he had lunch with Pat Harrison last week?

So many questions, so few martinis.

What’s the catch?

“Rental Housing Ordinance a Must for New Albany” – Mayor Gahan

Working with my staff and other city council members, New Albany City Councilman Greg Phipps will introduce G-15-05, Ordinance Adopting Chapter 160: Rental Housing Code at the regularly scheduled Council meeting on Monday, March 7, 2016. The purpose of the ordinance is to provide for the registration and inspection of rental residential property within the city.

The Rental Housing ordinance will help facilitate in the prevention of deterioration of residential housing, assist in compliance of minimum rental housing standards to improve safety for residents, protect the character and stability of residential neighborhoods, and preserve and increase property values throughout the City. This ordinance continues my administration’s focus on Quality of Place initiatives regarding the business of residency, while focusing on four main goals:

1. Increased Safety for tenants and surrounding properties
2. Improved Cleanliness
3. Historic Preservation
4. Increased property values

By improving and maintaining our housing stock, in addition to quality of life initiatives like strong schools and parks, our entire community becomes a more attractive place for private investment of money, time, energy, and enthusiasm.

The ordinance has two major components which will assist in accomplishing the goals outlined.

1. Registration of any property in the city which will be rented to tenants
The registration process will require the owner to obtain a rental permit for each property and supply current contact information of the owner to the City. This will allow the appropriate city officials to immediately contact a rental housing owner of any potential violations or issues with the property should they arise. The registration will facilitate the timeliness and ability of the City to work with owners to address or fix any issues that may exist.

2. Inspection of rental housing properties
All rental housing properties may be subject to an annual inspection or inspection based upon a complaint as permitted by ordinance and state statute.

The Rental Housing Ordinance will immediately be of benefit to the community, residents, tenants, and rental property owners.

We are committed to improving the residential experience for those who have long ago decided to make New Albany their home, as well as those people who are determined to find a great new place to live and grow.

Jeff Gahan