Snyder screws up and mentions Hibbard’s name. That’ll cost ’em 1%.


Earlier: The NA-FC school corporation’s latest bond referendum debuts … but if Trump wins, aren’t we all moving to Canada anyway?

Hospital sale meetings are held in secret. Street reversion meetings are held in secret. The school corporation’s community meetings … but of course, there might be classified notices in the print edition.

MC wrote:

I probably just missed any notices but did you all see public notices about the community meetings held by the school system, according to the News and Tribune?

BG answered:

No, I didn’t. It’s especially funny seeing Snyder not explain what they supposedly explained at those gatherings. The new video doesn’t explain anything, either. A lot has changed. They’ve learned. We just don’t know how or what.

The newspaper took a break from Clark County coverage to proffer this explanation. It’s nice to see that the concept of “pep rally” still exists in our area’s institutions of learning.

NA-FC referendum shows push and pull; Groups set to support, oppose, by Jerod Clapp (Clark County News Source)

Gearing up for round two on a referendum, the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. has held community meetings to try to engage supporters.

Brad Snyder, deputy superintendent, said it’s held some community meetings at the district’s Education Support Center on Grant Line Road and has seen some growth in participation.

“Dr. [Bruce] Hibbard, [superintendent] has a goal of trying to get 100 people there,” Snyder said. “We kind of started with 20, then it went to 30 or 40. At our last meeting, we probably had 50 people there. The energy and the enthusiasm has clearly grown. We’ve got a couple more set up, but we’re headed in the right direction.”