The NA-FC school corporation’s latest bond referendum debuts … but if Trump wins, aren’t we all moving to Canada anyway?


Here’s the video.

Here’s the newspaper’s coverage. At least the school corporation finally realized that so much as mentioning the superintendent’s name is the kiss of death to effective PR.

New Albany-Floyd County Schools announces new referendum; New project comes in at $87 million, by Jerod Clapp (Occasionally New Albany)

NEW ALBANY — Going bigger than last time around, the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. formally announced its plan for a referendum on the November ballot.

On Wednesday, the district put a video on social media detailing the new proposal. This time, the project adds $7 million to the price tag, putting it at about $87 million. Brad Snyder, deputy superintendent, said part of the reason is to make the issue of property tax change easier to understand.

Here are a few NAC posts from our last go-around in the the spring of 2015.

NA-FC referendum: “A driving oriented, suburban school model.”

News release: “Greenville Concerned Citizens, Inc. (has) voted to oppose the upcoming $80 million school bond referendum.”

On the school bond referendum.

NA-FC schools referendum is defeated.

Jeffie bar the door: Redevelopment don’t need no stinking TIF input from schools.

Superintendent Hibbard: “I think we need professional help.”

Earth to (Hibbard): One significant reason the referendum lost is that many voters understood the question quite well, but are terminally mistrustful of current management to implement the proposed bond. Sorry, but that’s as simple as it gets. You mean to tell me no one mentioned this possibility during the (planning) retreat?

Newspaper poll results indicate “slight” trend against Hibbard pay raise.” (2012)