Bob Caesar: Opposes traffic calming, but wants to see kids “walking out on the street.”


Way back in August of 2011, we were graced with one of those cherished reminders that Bob Caesar’s thinking trends inexorably toward sheer befuddlement.

Expansion could lead to more liquor licenses in New Albany

 … Councilman Bob Caesar said he will likely vote in favor of expanding the district, but added city planners and officials should be wary of the state’s intentions for approving the riverfront licensing program. He added that while he’s not opposed to patrons safely enjoying an alcoholic beverage, he believes the “city wants to see families with their kids walking out on the street.”

Concurrently, then as now, Caesar opposes two-way streets, which among other positives act to calm traffic, making it safer for … that’s right … for families and their kids walking out on the street, though perhaps he meant “on the sidewalk.”

That’s because Caesar’s jollies derive from traffic merrily racing from one side of town to the other, better to make it out the opposite end before their texting session concludes. The hypocrisy probably hasn’t occurred to him, not even once.

Then again, confusion is Caesar’s default condition.

“The need here is restaurants, not more bars,” Caesar said. “This was done so that restaurants could serve liquor, that’s what you want. It does no good at all to have bars that can serve a bratwurst.”

Bars without food? Even a drunkist like me finds this notion bizarre. Perhaps it depends on whether the bratwurst is locally sourced.