Tuesday Heresy Quartet 2 of 4: “A proper response to the Islamic State has to be proportional to the real threat.”


“After all, we have fire departments always on call, but they don’t ride around spraying water on homes 24/7 out of ‘an abundance of caution.'”

This essay is incredibly sensible. These ideas doesn’t stand a chance, do they?

You Won’t Like It, But Here’s the Answer to ISIS, by Peter Van Buren (Common Dreams)

Giving advice to a presidential candidate who wants to “DO something”

… If your candidate needs a what-hasn’t-worked summary statement, it’s simple: everything. To any argument you make to your preferred presidential candidate about what did not “work,” you need to add a sober assessment of the real impact of terrorism on the United States in order to ask the question: Why exactly are we engaged in this war on this scale?