Red Dragon Pub remains open, but Red Dragon Pub’s restaurant is temporarily closed.


After an Indie Fest meeting at Big Four Burgers on Thursday evening (kudos to Big Four for its gargantuan Buffalo Chicken sandwich and a tasty Daredevil Lift Off IPA) I was walking home and noticed that Red Dragon appeared only half open. It was dark on the left and lighted on the right. The posted sign explains why.

It has been suggested to me that the cited remodeling actually involves a menu refit, but I can’t verify this. It may be worth noting that during the restaurant’s brief run to date, the question I’ve been asked most often is this: “Is it a Chinese restaurant?” It isn’t/wasn’t, but the question itself might tell us something about what the name seems to imply.

My unsolicited opinion: A Welsh-themed, quasi-Irish-style pub.

Anyway, do you know something? If so, tell me about it. Why should Insider Louisville get all the scoops?