I-65 signage: Almost anything except two-way streets to occupy Jeff Gahan’s misdirected time.

C-J photo we hope was taken BEFORE the road opened.

File under: “Tempests in a teapot” and “red herrings.”

What’s missing on new bridge signs? New Albany
, by Lexy Gross (C-J)

… “Mayor (Jeff) Gahan and a number of residents raised concerns that New Albany was not displayed on directional signage as you cross the new bridge into Indiana,” spokesman Mike Hall said in a release.

According to the release, a compromise was reached between INDOT and the city, and locals can expect to see the addition of New Albany signs within the next six months. Hall said Thursday that the exact placement of the new signs hasn’t been determined.

Never mind, guys. We’ve already completed the drawings. Just TIF them signs, and we’re golden.

Then, a bit further down:

After all …

City officials giddy as New Albany finally makes Guinness Book of World Records (REPOST).

 … “From their starting and ending points on the Clark County line, these entrance and exit ramps to I-64 travel traverse almost three miles in each direction, enabling cars and trucks to pass through New Albany residential neighborhoods quickly and easily to reach points further afield, without ever being compelled to spend time in the city itself.”

Any chance the mayor might get the city’s street grid functioning correctly BEFORE welcoming hudreds more pass-throughs?