A mockery of transparency, but Gahan finally coughs up animal shelter finance hairball.


Because who wants a CPA handling the records when a political functionary will do?

But shouldn’t the header read, “City hands over New Albany-Floyd County Animal Shelter financial records?”

New Albany-Floyd County Animal Shelter hands over financial records, Jerod Clapp (All About Clark County)

NEW ALBANY — After more than three months, the City of New Albany turned over financial records from the New Albany-Floyd County Animal Shelter to the News and Tribune.

On Oct. 19, the newspaper submitted an open records request to the office of the city controller,
Linda Moeller, for the same financial information requested by the Floyd County auditor, Scott Clark. His office received its information last week.

The auditor’s request stems from a dispute on how much the county pays into the shelter’s budget versus what it gets back in revenues from it.

The records are from 2012 to 2013 and include more than 1,800 pages of finance information. In an interview earlier this week, Clark said the information he received last week was also voluminous and would take some time to comb through.

“I was glad that they finally, after seven months, gave us the information,” he said.