From Bistro New Albany to Brooklyn & the Butcher: A decade of New Albany Inn restaurants.



Jaws will drop: A walk-through at Brooklyn & the Butcher.

Today, a look at Brooklyn & the Butcher’s (opening February 2016) interior from 2005 to the present.

Late 2005, with Bistro New Albany’s ATC hearing placard displayed.

A few months later, when Bistro New Albany opened. When Jimmy’s Music left, so did the wall to the left. 

Bistro New Albany opening night, 2006.

2009: Howard Dean at The Windsor, merrily schmoozing Democrats (N and T photo).

Habana Blues opening, 2010.

Brooklyn & the Butcher dining room build-out, 2015. 

Bistro New Albany’s rear dining area and kitchen access at opening, 2006.

The same view, different night. 

The same view when Habana Blues opened in 2010.

The same view as Brooklyn & the Butcher builds out.

Windsor’s redesigned bar facing Market Street, inherited (and little changed) by Habana Blues in 2010.

Same spot but glancing left at the new/old Brooklyn & the Butcher bar. 

The patio remained largely unchanged from 2006 until now. This view is from 2014. 

The view in December, 2015, with bricked-in doors and windows, and (of course) patio decor to follow in 2016. Note that the fire escape no longer services actual doors and is meant solely as decoration. 


December, 2015. The doorway connects inside seating areas with the patio. The cellar steps connect to the space beneath the bar, and includes storage for apartment tenants.