The Ayatollah Coffey sharpens his knives for a Thursday evening orgy of ward-heeling religious ecstasy.


There is a special city council meeting tonight for the sole purpose of deciding how much to tithe to the Floyd County Solid Waste District.

The newspaper explains it here.


A-15-09 Ordinance for Appropriation of EDIT        Coffey 3
Money for Floyd County Solid Waste

Speaking of wastes, the final council conclave of the year takes place on Thursday night. There are several agenda items worthy of examination, including City Hall’s proposal to shift 168K from a lighting project Duke Energy will fund instead, to a downtown Wi-Fi project no one knew existed.

The agenda does not make clear what any of this means, and as usual, we’re reduced to gauging the spectrum of Kool-Aid colored smoke plumes emanating from somewhere behind the circled wagons.


Even Team Gahan’s belated discovery of contemporary communications technology (tin cans and string?)  pales by comparison with Shirley Baird’s final legislative proposal on Thursday night.

It’s a perfectly reasonable resolution in support of Planned Parenthood.

There’s nothing radical in it, but there’s something bloviating ON the council, and I suspect he’s not going to like this one.

Briefly peruse these three recent “shares” on Dan Coffey’s page at Facebook …

… and understand how entertaining his tantrum on Thursday night stands to be.

I can’t miss this one. It should be a filibuster for the ages. If Coffey packed the room for his various prayer bludgeonings, surely he’ll fill it on Thursday.

We need to film this one, guys.

Then we can take the film to the Wunderkind, and ask: “Adam, can you explain again how Coffey is a Democrat?”