Finland’s “basic income” scheme interests Adam very much.

It isn’t the first time this has been mentioned.

The Green Mouse has learned that our local Democratic wunderkind Ambitious Adam has proposed a very similar plan for New Albany: Basic Gahan Income (BGI).

The way it works: First, competitive bidding on contracts is to be eliminated entirely. Instead, the city will pay a set amount of money on a monthly basis to construction companies, pavers, consultants, vendors, builders, engineers, architects and others pledging fealty to Oz.

In turn, these recipients of BGI will pay back their own pre-set basic monthly amount, though to the Gahan for Next Whatever campaign fund, and not to the city itself.

It’s boilerplate, right? Might as well be trend-setting, and often invited to address conferences devoted to the preeminence of campaign finance.

Just so long as THEY pay expenses, right Adam?

Finland Will Pay Everyone in the Country $876 a Month, by Briana Madden (US Uncut)

To fight poverty and boost its own economy, Finland is planning to issue a check for $876 to every citizen, every month. The concept is called basic income, and the Finnish government is getting closer to finalizing its implementation this month.

The Finnish Social Insurance Institution (KELA) is drafting the plan to pay every one of its 5.4 million people $876 per month, tax-free, which would replace social support programs, such as welfare and unemployment benefits. Though a proposal from KELA isn’t expected until November 2016, a pilot stage is currently planned prior to full implementation of the program.