Hash it #gahanhypocrisy: A mayor who doesn’t bother attending council meetings criticizes KZ for poor attendance.


Jeff Gahan’s first “attack meme” comes to us from the Democratic Party’s page at Fb, which is well on its way to purging all dissenters by prohibiting their comments. It’s a repugnant twist emulated at the mayor’s campaign page, and in some recent instances the city’s social media feed.

That’s right: Taxpayer dollars not only are spent to tout Gahan’s re-election campaign, but to prevent comments. Those of Gahan’s supporters with a passing interest in human rights might consider this quote.

Meanwhile, as Mark Cassidy asks …

Inquiring minds want to know:

Why does Jeff Gahan not attend city council meetings? He was so mad at Doug England for not attending, that he, as council president, would not allow anyone to speak in the Mayor’s slot on the agenda but the Mayor. Now, as Mayor, he attends even less frequently that England did and routinely sends someone to speak in the Mayor’s slot. Hypocrite or not?

Far less frequently, in fact. As for me, I intend to attend as many council meetings as I can once elected mayor. Hell, I already do. I will answer questions, throw rhetorical punches, and do so for as long as they wish. It should be like question time in the House of Commons.

A discussion followed Mark’s post about Gahan’s chronic non-attendance.

Clint: It depends on what the meaning of attending is.

Stephen: I was told by the current Council president that there was no reason for him to be there just to get “attacked” by the council members. This was at least two years ago, maybe three, when I raised the issue of his absence. That was when my disillusionment began.

Mark: Takes one to know one, I guess. At least England was man enough to show up considerably more often than Gahan has. Not to mention that he told many of us, when he ran four years ago, that he would be a regular attendee at meetings. Pshaw.

Steven: Mayor Garner almost always showed up and was almost always attacked by the Council.

Mark: True. I started attending on a regular basis during his last year.

Roger: But Gahan completely controls this council. Last night was vivid proof. It was as though their teleprompters went blank, and in the absence of instructions, flailing was the order of the day: “We’d tell you what we think as soon as Gahan tells us.”

Stephen: From my perspective, being there is part of the job. No one else can answer for you, but you. Be a man, Gahan.

Roger: Only if manhood pertains to monetizing or propaganda. Cults of personality mean never having to be yourself. The fear needs to stop.

Clint: “Ve half vays of making you think.”

Roger: Even in New Albany?

Clint: I didn’t specify useful or logical thinking.