Too many no-shows: Building & Development Association of Southern Indiana cancels its mayoral candidate forum.


Another one bites the dust.

Good Morning,

After having conversations with our executive committee, it has decided that we will cancel the Mayor’s Forum portion of the agenda for the BDASI Dinner Meeting to be held September 10.

This has been decided because we were not able to secure all candidates. It is committee’s opinion that unless we have 100% participation, it does not fully and fairly inform our membership.

Thank you for your willingness to participate. You are still welcome to attend this event at no charge as our guest if you would like.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Please contact me directly to discuss if you have questions.


BDA of Southern Indiana

Jeff G made a very good comment on Fb earlier today, and he’s right: The League of Women Voters should consider moving its event to a different date.

I just hope that voters who don’t necessarily pay a lot of attention are beginning to see how typical this sort of behavior is from the Gahan camp and how the Democratic clique won’t acknowledge or address it. If Gahan employee Moeller had any community oriented chutzpah, for instance, she’d reschedule (and likely reformat and relocate) the League of Women Voters event. Is she that corrupted herself or is she just afraid Gahan will fire her? Is there no one involved with the League who maintains any sense of fairness and ethics? Is there really not a single ranking Democrat in the whole county who will speak to this? So far, the answer to those questions is “yes” across the board. That very practiced collusion and callousness is precisely what Democratic voters in New Albany have been supporting. We all know any number of party devotees who have consciences, who know better than this on a personal level. Their silence here and in numerous other cases is the sort of lapse in common decency that defines New Albany politics more than anything else. It’s what they think political power is about. It would be nice to be able to consider them friends, not of any individual candidates but of basic integrity; to be able to trust them as people at least trying to create a level playing field. But, so far, that’s not possible, either.


Gahan’s signature pettiness ensures we’ll not see a mayoral debate with all three candidates present at once.

In letter, Gahan confirms intent to snub Leadership Southern Indiana and bypass LSI’s mayoral debate (includes my return letter).