Gahan’s signature pettiness ensures we’ll not see a mayoral debate with all three candidates present at once.


(Update, 5:24 p.m., Sept. 4: Several of you have rightly pointed out that the NAHA is not owned or governed by the city. I was and remain aware of this, and should have done a better job with language intended to convey irony. Apologies for the muddle)

It genuinely sickens me to report this information to you.

Earlier today, I told you this.

In letter, Jeff Gahan confirms intent to snub Leadership Southern Indiana and bypass LSI’s mayoral debate (includes my return letter).

Now I know why.

I’ve learned that Republican mayoral candidate Kevin Zurschmiede will be out of town during the week of the New Albany Housing Authority candidate forum (September 22) and League of Women Voters coronation softball toss (September 24).

The reason?

His son is getting married in a destination wedding.

In my world, that’s a damned good reason, and knowing this puts a completely different spin on Jeff Gahan’s letter, doesn’t it?

Yes, Gahan is perfectly content to appear on a Tuesday at a forum staged by a “department” of his own city government, and then again two days later at what amounts to a fluffed-up photo op in a building he bonded to have built, as organized by an employee he appointed to her position.

But when it comes to appearing at the sole debate — a real debate, at that — at which all three candidates might appear together, Gahan is quick to decline.

If that’s not textbook moral cowardice, I’m hard pressed to offer a better definition. Local Democrats should be hanging their heads in shame, but if the past is any guide, they’re looking the other way.

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