In letter, Gahan confirms intent to snub Leadership Southern Indiana and bypass LSI’s mayoral debate (includes my return letter).


Previously, we considered the question of Mayor Jeff Gahan’s attendance at campaign season forums and debates.

On mayoral forums and debates, no-show incumbents and “a spectrum of opinion.”

Gahan will merely smile and gesture toward numerous nice, shiny objects.

Assuming this letter I received today (above) is not a hoax, it’s official: Gahan is snubbing Leadership Southern Indiana’s mayoral debate at New Albany High School on Tuesday, September 29. He’ll also avoid the Building & Development Association of Southern Indiana forum on Thursday, September 10.

Surely it’s no coincidence that the LSI debate format is far more rigorous than the League of Women Voters’ ceremonial softball toss at Gahan’s own Silver Street Park on September 24, which was organized by Gahan’s appointee Linda Moeller, and will include questions provided to the candidates in advance.

Conversely, the LSI debate is being organized as a real debate, with questions unknown to candidates, and also with the opportunity for candidates to ask questions of each other. Yesterday (September 2), LSI held a pre-debate session, at which it was remarked that Gahan’s participation was as yet uncertain: “The negotiations are ongoing,” said one organizer.

However, the letter was postmarked on September 1. Gahan already knew what he intended to do the day before yesterday, apparently without informing LSI.

Here is the reply I’ll be return snail mailing.