Baylor for Mayor: Consider walking with me in the Harvest Homecoming Parade.


The Baylor for Mayor campaign officially has been entered into the Harvest Homecoming Parade, which takes place on Saturday, October 3.

I have an e-mail reply to prove it.

The parade organizers have agreed to allow us to walk the parade. We also can have bicycles with us, which would be a good thing, although the parade’s customarily languid pace might preclude them be mounted and propelled.

What better way to celebrate this year’s “hot rod” theme than openly reject auto-centrism by walking the parade? It’s so very appropriate a response.

It took patience and cajoling. There are rules governing political candidates, including the stipulation that elected officials only can ride in convertibles, and all others must occupy space on the floats entered by their political parties.

I pointed out to them that I’m neither elected nor a party member, and that a key element of my platform encourages walkability. As such, riding atop a vehicle would be useless. To their credit, they came around.

You are welcome to walk with me. I’d love to have a few cyclists along to help make the point about street safety for all users, not just their cars. Kids are welcome. Note that the parade is all-weather, and let’s have fun and show that there are alternatives to the same old same old.

After we’re finished, there’ll be this for refueling:

The New Albany Restaurant & Bar Association presents Biers on Parade, at the Farmers Market on Saturday, October 3.

Note also the full schedule, beginning with Indie Fest.

Sept. 27: New Albany Indie Fest
Sept. 28 – Oct. 3: New Albany Independent Restaurant Week
Oct. 3: Biers on Parade at the New Albany Farmers Market
Oct. 3: Harvest Homecoming Parade
Oct. 8 – Oct. 11: Harvest Homecoming Booth Days