Hey, ESNA.


The missus and I live within the boundaries of the East Spring Street Neighborhood Association (ESNA). We moved into our house on Spring Street in October, 2003. This blog began in October, 2004, and my first-ever blog reference to ESNA came in November, 2004.

There is a reason for mentioning this.

I’m running for mayor as an independent. While my candidacy is not restricted to any one area or neighborhood in the city of New Albany, it is no exaggeration to suggest that my platform almost perfectly jibes with the long-term aims of ESNA.

In fact, it seems to be a all-embracing composite of what we’ve discussed these many years.

The beauty of it is that these precepts apply equally to all the city’s areas and neighborhoods, even if they’re particularly applicable to ESNA’s.

Baylor for Mayor: 3 Goals + 7 Platform Points.

As for the political ramifications, it may or may not be true that Kevin Zurschmiede will be the ultimate beneficiary, but the ballot is set, and there’s nothing I can do about the likelihood of Jeff Gahan’s strange vanity candidacy siphoning votes from the only genuine Democrat left in the mayoral race.

That Democrat is me, and conscience is key.

Campaign Diary, Chapter 3: Insurgencies, signage and conscience.

All I ask is that you look at my candidacy rationally. Neither Gahan nor Zurschmiede really gets where you’re coming from. They cannot, and they never will. Their political clubs come first, not you.

This isn’t propaganda.

It’s simple fact. I appreciate your support … even if you can’t announce it.

The East Spring Street Neighborhood Association Inc. is formed to foster the ongoing revitalization of the area, and to improve the quality of life for those who live and work within the association boundaries. Additionally the association is designated as follows:

To be a forum for the discussion & review of community issues & projects

To be an advisory body & advocate to our elected representatives on behalf of our members

To monitor & facilitate public services & infrastructure investments within our association boundaries

To educate & establish communications in the community & to externally promote New Albany

To develop solutions to community issues & to shape the future vision of New Albany

To seek grants and other funds for community projects

To implement, promote, or coordinate with other agencies and programs for the protection, safety and enhancement of the neighborhood community

We have also just recently gained our non-profit status as a 501C3.