Council meeting recap 2: Dear Jeff.


Dear Jeff,

Missed you again at the council meeting Thursday.

Members of the public came to talk to the council about how the storm water plan is deficient, and the zoning code is whacked (your own attorney even conceded it), and the animal shelter needs help … and you know what’s crazy? Not a single one of them said, “Hey, but we have a water park now, so never mind — it’s all good.”

So, when there are this many major infrastructure issues being mentioned this often for the past 12 years — ever since you first served on the council — exactly how is it that you’ve made New Albany fundamentally “better” since you’ve been mayor?

That is, unless you’re having another vocabulary malfunction?

We really need to get together and debate. My people will call yours. Cool?

Not “Kool-Aid.”


Flooded with concerns: New Albany residents ask for help with drainage problems, by Daniel Suddeath (News and Tribune)