Matt Nash kicks off 5th district campaign: “New Albany Should Expand its Recycling Program.”


For those just tuning in, Matt Nash was chosen by Democratic Party precinct heads to replace Dustin Collins on the 5th district council ticket after Collins withdrew owing to illness.

His first platform plank deals with recycling.

New Albany Should Expand its Recycling Program

In a recent News and Tribune article it was announced that Floyd County government would cut some recycling services due to budget concerns.

As a councilman I would support a measure that would expand the current services of the city’s recycling program. Currently the city offers weekly curbside pick-up of recyclable materials. I believe that New Albany could work with the Solid Waste Board and work out a deal that included utilizing current county equipment and workforce to allow for drop off sites to be manned in locations within city limits or just along the fringe areas.