Asphalt or jungle: A closer look at those storm drains at 5th & Elm.


Earlier this afternoon, we took a look at the new pavement at 5th and Elm.

Who knew the ADA mandates warning ramps for bocce ball crossings?

A reader suggested that the storm water drain on the southwest corner looked submerged in asphalt. Here’s the wider view, showing the discarded ADA warning ramp. Look to the left of the photo, at roughly nine o’clock:

It’s this one. There is very little clearance.

Here is the drain on the southeast side. There is more clearance, but the pavement is level with the sidewalk at this point.

Following are the northwest and northeast drains.

Again, it’s better, and yet the photos clearly show almost even street and sidewalk levels.

Of course, there’s this …

New Albany to repair paving imperfections on East Main Street

At least no dishevelment-grade, beautification-only medians were installed on 5th or Elm, although perhaps the city has included sufficient cash in its corporate welfare incentive package that Flaherty Collins might include them.

If the flowers die, medians would be useful for mooring canoes.