Clere: “(River Run) and other spending may leave New Albany taxpayers swimming in debt.”


How about this one for “boilerplate,” Sheriff Duggins?

In metaphorical terms, Mr. Clere Goes to Redevelopment … and is lectured by those members of the commission most in thrall to the Gahan for Mayor template of putting nice gifts to the voter onto the city’s TIF One credit card — I mean, it isn’t really debt if you can afford to make the payments, right?

As we’ve said more than once, it’s a good thing your grandchildren like the Disneyesque escapism of the water park, seeing they’ll be paying for it well into their thirties — if they stick around town.

Chances are they won’t, and as with other of Gahan’s expenditures, our TIF bonanza does nothing to address the sort of municipal fundamentals that might arrest the brain drain from the ground up, via transparency, infrastructure and empowerment.

I’ve given Ed Clere a hard time when he’s gotten it wrong, but in this instance he’s absolutely right.

TIF strong, but spending smart in New Albany?, by Daniel Suddeath (N and T)

NEW ALBANY — While some city leaders touted the health of New Albany’s tax-increment financing districts Tuesday, State Rep. Ed Clere warned spending TIF dollars on projects such as an aquatic center could leave taxpayers “swimming in debt.”