Fieldhaus, Brownie’s “The Shed”, Over the 9, Falls City, Old 502 and what they all mean.


As best as I can piece all this together …

First, there was JR’s Pub on Main Street in New Albany.

The pub’s principal owners, the Neaces, bought the River Bend Winery in Louisville and rebooted it as Old 502.

Then they bought an interest in Falls City Brewing, which was moved to the winery building in downtown Louisville, and later purchased the remainder from founder David Easterling.

Meanwhile, JR’s was reinvented as Fieldhaus.

In Louisville, the winery and brewery were joined by an eatery, Over the 9, this being a concept developed by David Hagan, who also originated the Fieldhaus idea.

And, concurrently, there’s a sports bar and eatery in Louisville called Brownie’s “The Shed” Grille & Bar, which has a large and loyal following.

Now … what I believe is happening is this: The three restaurant concepts are being merged into one company with their respective identities intact.

Hagan explains:

My restaurant division and (Brownie’s) got married. (it’s about) portfolio diversification. We have 3 brands with different styles that we can grow in the region. Over the 9 is probably a one off, unless we expand Falls City’s footprint in the city; Fieldhaus and Brownie’s are both sports themed, but with different demographics and different styles. At the end of it all, unification gives us buying power and outreach.

Consequently, the current location of Fieldhaus will change to Brownie’s “The Shed,” with the grand opening announced for August 28.

Fieldhaus will move to a location in downtown New Albany, to resume operations whenever it can.

Over the 9 has lifted off in Louisville. For more on that, see this posting from my beer blog.

My beer with Cezary Wlodarczyk, and what’s up at Falls City, Old 502 and Over the 9.

The standard disclaimer has never been more apt: Stay tuned for further details.