We’re counting the ways Jeff Gahan is spending millions without fundamentally addressing failed infrastructure.


To be accurate, Jeff Gillenwater is counting them, and he’s doing such a wonderful job of refuting Team Gahan’s exaggerated claims that I’ll merely recount the point-counterpoint.

“Let us also count the tens of millions of debt we’ll be paying back for the next couple of decades while the campaign brags about cash reserves only because it has handcuffed young people with such hefty credit card bills. And why is the irresponsible, neighborhood polluting former owner of this property still being granted so many demolition contracts by the Gahan administration? Was the princely, publicly paid sum for this property not enough of a reward for party loyalty? Should we look for his name on the campaign donor list?”

“Like I said, they try to brag about their financial prowess without mentioning the tens of millions of debt we’ve incurred in just over three years while doing little to address what is obviously failing infrastructure all over the city. An out-of-town developer wants a $5 million handout? No problem. A citizen wants their storm sewer drain to actually drain? Tough cookies. As I previously mentioned, if you’re 45 or older, you’ll likely be retired or dead before New Albany’s citizens pay off Gahan’s single term as mayor and we have little functional improvement to show for it. It doesn’t take a genius to pay for so much on long-term credit and it certainly doesn’t take one to think that doing so means the few extra dollars in one’s pocket that day as a temporary, short-term result is a sign of sound fiscal management.”