In Louisville as well as New Albany, “Municipal and mega-business moguls fornicate first and get acquainted later.”


Even before Greg Fischer’s Omni sellout, NAC had been tracking the Louisville mayor’s ongoing deterioration.

Irv still nutzoid, and Gilderbloom’s research wasted on New Albany — and Greg Fischer, for that matter.

A visual Fischer goes full Gahan on the ad hoc demolition of historic properties.

Jeff Gahan texts Greg Fischer: “OMG, the CJ called, LOL.”

Jeff Gahan and local Democrats tout purely Orwellian “preservation by demolition” theories filched from Greg Fischer.

The higher ranking the New Albany “Democrat,” the loftier his or her admiration for Fischer and Walt Disney. While we can dismiss the Disney fetish as simple bad taste, their are serious implications for Fischer emulations, such as the “tinkle down” corporate welfare encapsulation of the Coyle site apartment project.

Some of Fischer’s allies are moving toward the exits. Expect the same in New Albany.

The anti-climactic Omni orgy, by Steve Shaw (LEO Weekly)

… Welcome to the Bonobo Republic of Louisville, where municipal and mega-business moguls fornicate first and get acquainted later. By all appearances, Mayor Fischer gave Omni carte blanche to do whatever they wanted despite a public investment of $139 million, nearly half of the project’s price tag.