Gilderbloom: Proving what Gahan can’t seem to fathom, tonight at the library.


As noted previously …

You are invited to listen as Dr. John Gilderbloom preaches his “gospel of things urban” on Tuesday, August 4, at the library.

This is tonight. It’s important because …

“As safety and livability become more important … the case for converting one-way streets into two-way streets (is) a compelling one.”

It’s a difficult topic upon which to mount a self-congratulatory plaque, but one addressing genuine fundamentals in the effective management of, and investment in, the city’s daily working infrastructure. A good place for the mayor to begin, assuming he ever emerges from aquatic seclusion:

Mr. Padgett’s Blues: “10-Foot Traffic Lanes Are Safer—and Still Move Plenty of Cars.”

We’re hoping to see you tonight … and big thanks to councilman John Gonder for organizing the event.