Street Piano remains silent, though City Hall’s cluelessness nears a crescendo.


The saga continues, and the non-communicators remains silent.

At last glance, the Free the New Albany Street Piano community at Fb had garnered 233 like in a little over a day. Sample comments:

  • We should stage a piano sit in- New Albany mayor should be embarrassed- aren’t we voting for new leadership soon?
  • Come on! Let go just for once!
  • We should encourage not discourage any opportunity to bring art, creativity and music to our citizens. How could this possibly harm anybody?

At the News and Tribune, Hannegan Roseberry concedes to exasperation. I feel badly for her, and also for all those who value art, music, creativity, and thinking outside self-imposed boxes. However, New Albany’s Street Piano is performing a valuable public service.

It’s showing us just how tone deaf the Gahan administration is — and not just about a painted piano.

Oops, she did it again

• Why is the idea of a street piano so abhorrent to our officials?
• Why, when I followed the correct procedure back in April, was I completely shut down by a tangled web of emails and miscommunication (which I chronicled in a News and Tribune column at that point)?
• Why was I then encouraged to proceed again, and do it the “right way,” why was I then put through a series of public hoops and hurdles over the last two weeks?
• Why is the Board of Works working so very, very hard to think of any— ANY — reason to shut this (me?) down, dragging Historic Landmarks and Develop New Albany into the fray (my apologies to both entities)?
• Why are citizens not allowed to have individual ideas? Why does everything have to come from above in our city?
• Finally, why is Jeffersonville so ready and willing to consider art in unexpected ways and why are we so terrified to do the same here in New Albany?