Larry Bird has an elephant’s memory.


Interestingly, Springs Valley went to the Final Four in its first year of consolidation, although this doesn’t detract from the sheer entertainment value of Larry Bird recalling a teammate’s missed free throws 40 years later.

Didn’t Bob Lane play at Springs Valley, too?

Larry Bird on 1-on-1 vs. Michael Jordan: ‘He’d kill me’, by Matthew Glenesk (Indy Star)

Dan Patrick: Explain that whole “Hoosiers” phenomenon in Indiana. How small was your high school?

Larry Bird: Oh, I don’t know. We were one of the smallest in the state. What it is, back in the day, back when I played, they didn’t have class basketball, now they do. So the dream was to always be good enough to play against the big schools. That’s what we tried to do. Try to be good enough to have the opportunity to play a Crispus Attucks or a Jeffersonville or New Albany, but unfortunately I played with a kid that kept missing free throws at the end of the game, and we didn’t get there.