Newspaper editorial board: “Floyd County should consider tax increase.”

Back in the day, she’d/he’d been all over it. We’ve been abandoned.

Oddly, this editorial seems to have flown entirely under the radar. It doesn’t appear to have been posted at Facebook, and so there are no outraged comments or self-immolation threats.

We’re guessing that this one is Chris Morris’s baby, as he customarily covers the county beat.

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Floyd County government recently has become the exclusive domain of Republicans, who possess an austerity fetish that makes German finance ministers look like hereditary Saudi playboy princes — though it must be acknowledged that in the not so distant past, the Heavrinite strain of “Democrat” contributed much conceptually to the notion that revenue purely is an option.

Meanwhile, city government is controlled by Adam’s merry band of DemoDisneyDixiecrats, who have contrived a borrowing-fueled capital projects bonanza designed to produce social media-ready photos of building porn with commensurate campaign finance-tie-ins. It may not be a tax increase strictly as such, but it’s surely a huge credit card/TIF bond debt for future generations to service.

This is why a third way is so desperately needed hereabouts.

Not starvation, and not unsustainable extravagance, but spending sensibly on fundamental infrastructure needs that benefit the greatest number of users, and stand to support quality of life and economic development aims rather than work actively against them.

OUR OPINION: Floyd County should consider tax increase

 … As the council moves forward on the 2016 budget, there needs to be a long-term vision to keep from having to put a Band-Aid on the problem each year. As one county official at a recent meeting said, “We just can’t keep kicking the can down the road.”

The council should consider a tax increase — which could come in the form of a Local Option Income Tax or a wheel tax.