Another city-county financial impasse: Animal shelter and control services.


The News and Tribune’s most recent mention of the most recent instance of seemingly recurring city-county funding disparity (is this LP scratched, or is the ganja too strong?) came on June 15.

Fleshing out a funding dispute: New Albany, Floyd County still at odds over animal shelter money, by Chris Morris (N and T)

NEW ALBANY — In 1999, New Albany and Floyd County governments signed an interlocal agreement, forming the New Albany-Floyd County Animal Shelter. As part of the agreement, funding the shelter would be based on population. With that in place, and following the 2010 census, Floyd County is responsible for 51 percent of the shelter’s budget while the city is to pay 49 percent.

But Floyd County Auditor Scott Clark said it’s not that simple, and he points to 2014 to make his point …

Uni-gov? Really? At any rate, a New Albany resident has asked about funding for the animal shelter and animal control.

I’m interested in knowing how you would attempt to resolve the financial situation/impasse between the City and the County in regard to the Animal Shelter and Animal Control Services. The County is in serious arrears, but they and the City are equally vested in the physical building, and County residents use the services, although not to the degree of City residents.

The Floyd County Animal Rescue League is also a signatory to the binding Interlocal Agreement. NAFC Animal Control and Shelter is governed by the 5-member volunteer Animal Control Authority, 2 appointed by the Mayor, 2 by the County Commissioners, and 1 by the Rescue League.

The situation is complicated and both sides appear to be dug in. Your thoughts?

It certainly does seem complicated, and I’m researching it. In the interim, I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on the matter. As an independent candidate for mayor, I don’t feel bound by political tradition, only compelled to consider what works. Help me learn more, please: