You are invited to listen as Dr. John Gilderbloom preaches his “gospel of things urban” on Tuesday, August 4, at the library.


NAC has referenced Dr. John Gilderbloom numerous times in recent years. Thanks to Councilman John Gonder, Dr. Gilderbloom is coming to New Albany on Tuesday, August 4, to give a presentation about the “gospel of things urban” at the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library (Strassweg Auditorium; 6:00 p.m.)

The simplest way for me to say it is this: In large measure, what Dr. Gilderbloom has to say about urban areas is what I wish to facilitate in New Albany as mayor. His presentation on August 4 might as well be a campaign rally. I’ve personally invited Kevin Zurschmiede to attend.

What? Do you really think Jeff Gahan would come and listen to detailed explanations of what he won’t do?

Following are ten links from NAC since 2013 in which Dr. Gilderbloom’s name is dropped.

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And, here is John Gonder’s original post.

Cruising With Hans, by John Gonder at his blog

A chance encounter at a grocery store a couple weeks ago allowed me to run into John Gilderbloom. Dr. Gilderbloom is a professor at U of L, and is a noted and quoted authority on urban revitalization with a heavy reliance on the effect two-way streets have in bringing about such revival.

He and I had met several years ago for a discussion of our building in Louisville.

Dr. Gilderbloom mentioned that he is off to Europe soon to preach his gospel of things urban. He said it would be a help to him if he could have a shakedown cruise of his material before he crosses the ocean. I asked if he’d like to run through his presentation in New Albany since we are always looking for good ideas on how to improve our city.

He accepted the invitation, and will speak at the STRASSWEG AUDITORIUM in the basement of the New Albany Library, TUESDAY, AUGUST 4, 2015 at 6:00 PM.

Dr. Gilderbloom is a bit of a shy, reticent, fellow; a typical academic type. But his grasp of his subject material is wide and strong. An informative and engaging presentation awaits those who attend. So, please come help Dr. Gilderbloom get ready for his European visit.