Will there really be gigabit internet service at the Mayor Gahan Presents One-Way Bocce Ball Domiciles on Spring?


A friend incisively comments below.

If any readers are conversant in exactly what is being proposed at the Coyle site development with respect to internet service, please enlighten us.


No one in the area offers gigabit internet services to my knowledge. The lux-ur-eee apartments claim they’ll have it. I’m sure they’re referring to “gigabit ethernet” which is like a Fiat 500 having a speedometer that shows 150 mph – nice to talk about, but it ain’t happening.

Gigabit ethernet just makes you wait more quickly while your internet traffic squeezes into the old twisted pair copper telephone lines that were hung in 1890.

Not from AT&T

Not from Time Warner

Is there a fiber optic trunk line running in New Albany we don’t know about or is the administration just full of bullshit?