Illness compels Dustin Collins to withdraw from the 5th district council race.


Dustin Collins explains his decision in a Facebook post. He’s a bright and engaging young man, and I wish him the very best as he takes back his health. It’s all that matters. There’ll be another political opportunity, and I’m sure he’ll seize it when the time comes.

Get well!

Yesterday morning I withdrew my candidacy for City Council, District 5. For those of you who may not know I found out just a couple weeks ago that my cancer has come out of remission and is now in my lymph nodes. My intention was to stay in the race despite this. However, due to the side effects of the medication and my inability to function more then a couple hours daily (and it is anyone’s guess which) I have decided it is unfair to the citizens within the 5th District to run for something that I can not dedicate my entirety to.

While I know this news may anger, hurt, or otherwise negatively impact some people it is the right one for me and for the 5th District. I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure the voices of those who I spoke with and those who voted for me are heard. While this is the end for my candidacy it is not the end of the campaign to make New Albany and the 5th District better.

Please keep me and my family in your prayers during this challenging time.

The Democratic Party has thirty days to call a meeting to replace Collins on the ballot. If I understand this correctly, Diane Benedetti is eligible to be named the candidate. Whether this will happen in the aftermath of a concerted effort on the part of Mayor Gahan’s team to defeat her in the primary is yet to be seen.

Looks like Adam has some fences to mend, which should be wildly entertaining.