Fairness, distress and inequality in cities.


Contrast the thoughtful weighing of factors here …

What do we mean by fairness in cities?, by Danny Dorling and Richard Brooks (The Guardian)

… London is a unique city – today and historically – and we therefore expect Londoners to view fairness as a unique combination of equalities, rights, justice and freedoms.

… with the dull thud of this pronouncement, via the Washington Post.

The most distressed cities are in blue states. The most unequal are in red states.

… A new study has identified 10 large cities where the most substantial shares of the population live in economically distressed communities. It also shines a spotlight on the major and midsize cities where the gaps between those struggling and those doing well have grown largest.

Louisville makes the “economic disparity” list, as Jake discusses at The ‘Ville Voice

Well, at least we’re not Memphis. That’s got to improve Greg Fischer’s day.