Duh: It’s because Bernie Sanders is so easy to love.


Yellow dogs, inching closer to the right … but seriously, I promise that Steve Winkler is not a pen name I’ve adopted when submitting articles to British publications.

Having another choice beyond Miller Lite and Bud Light? I find it exciting, and highly topical in a New Albany context.

Enter Sandman: why have Democrats fallen in love with Bernie Sanders?, by Steve Winkler (The Guardian)

 … (Bernie Sanders) is not just some frumpy old white guy on a rant. He’s a seasoned, left-leaning politician primed to deliver a progressive message to a public both eager to embrace another option on the left and to be able to chose from more than just a Democrat or a Republican.

Political party designations are suspicious for someone, like me, who grew up in the southern United States, where Democrats ruled until the great 1970s switch-a-roo put Republicans in the driver’s seat. The “good ole boy” Democratic voters – the yellow dogs – gave themselves over entirely to the Republicans, while Democratic politicians, too, inched closer to the right, abandoning whatever principles they might have once had for the “triangulation” of Bill Clinton and the other Baby Boomer donkeys who sold out to the same corporate companies and tough-on-the-poor rhetoric as their counterparts across the aisle …

 … Socialism in 21st century America is a government that exists to serve the common people, the working people, the middle class, not an arm of the richest and most powerful segment of society. It’s a government that creates and nurtures policies that promote the best possible conditions for every citizen to have a healthy, prosperous, peaceful and productive life.

Sanders has been consistent on issues that impact the everyday lives of real Americans, and his platform is ambitious …