Non-communicative eggs dripping from its face yet again, City Hall suggests an appropriation for extra towels.


This morning we referenced last week’s Bored of Works meeting, at which the bored on the Bored were told that overflow parking at the new $9 million River Run family water facility was available right across a busy street at Holy Family.

New Albany’s new slogan: “Truck Through City” … Part 94: Save the swimming pedestrians and full trucking speed ahead.

NAC didn’t know until later that a conversation* already was underway at Facebook, as initiated by a citizen parishioner, and making this point: 
Considering that the city’s social media feed already was touting overflow parking at Holy Family, and seeing as the city tends to neglect parking issues downtown, had anyone from the city actually asked Holy Family?
Turns out they had, and been given a list of conditions, none of which made it to the city’s social media feed, as posted by its public relations contractor. Someone at Holy Family noted this during the Fb conversation, and it appears that no substantive discussion of terms and liability had been undertaken prior to the triumphant announcement being made. 
Now, this from Daniel Suddeath, reporting from this morning’s Bored meeting. 
They simply cannot communicate, can they? 
* These postings have since been removed.