Gahan honors council enforcer Coffey on the Wizard’s home turf.


Everyone knows fire works only at dusk, because before night falls, there is too much sunlight and you can’t see it. Noticing the font size accorded Jeff Gahan, I made an observation yesterday at Facebook.

Perhaps the mayor will choose this occasion to speak out about the councilman’s homophobia.

He hasn’t yet, has he? Absolutely clam-like. But it’ll be a question I ask him when we debate.

Meanwhile, Coffey — a selective, top-down social media personage if ever there was one — himself caught wind of my simple inquiry.

Ah, yes. Jim Croce once referenced a lover’s cross, but here in New Albany, it is a loser’s cross that we all must bear — even when he’s unopposed.

If I hadn’t already committed to a fine evening of food, friends and even a few “fire works” of our own, I might have gone to Coffey’s personal park unit (did he keep the key as a souvenir when the restroom was demolished?) and listened to the mayor’s remarks, which thus far seem to have gone unremarked and unreported by the usual breathless sycophants on social media.

Readers, did any of you attend?

If so, please give us a report.