Hmm, this gives me an idea: “Pence Must Go.”

Photo credit: NUVO

But someone else would have to lead THAT particular effort, seeing as I have my own plan for placing someone else in a relevant seat, and closer than Indy, too.

PENCE MUST GO: One man’s mission to see a different governor in Indiana, by Amber Stearns (NUVO)

Kevin Warren says despite having signs stolen and burned, his truck egged and his house under surveillance, his feelings and message for Mike Pence will never change.

The blue and gold signs are sprinkled all over Marion County. There isn’t a neighborhood in the city that doesn’t have at least one sign in a residential yard and it’s more likely that you will find two or three, maybe even more.

Kevin Warren, the man behind those signs, couldn’t be happier.

His goal is simple — to see Mike Pence out of the governor’s office and someone else in that seat.