A half-century later, Fink’s calls it quits.


There always is an element of sadness when a business like this closes after making it for so long. There should be, but as in so many other of life’s transitions, there also must be celebration, because 50 years is a helluva good run.

Independent small businesses are just that — independent. They have no corporate lifeline to hold onto when times are tough. They grind it out and do it themselves, or they don’t. Why is succession always such a bear for indies? It’s because indies know how hard it is, and do you really want your kids following in those footsteps?

I’m not a motorcycle kind of guy. It may surprise you to learn that I’ve not been transported on a motorcycle one time in almost 55 years, apart from a sidecar once, and it was too small for my legs. But hats off to the Finks, and best wishes for the future.

New Albany motorcycle business closing after 50 years, by Travis Ragsdale (WDRB)

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) – Fink’s Motorcycle parts and accessories has been a staple in New Albany for nearly 50 years. But Sunday will mark its last day open for business.

“People come in everyday and say ‘Where am I going to get my stuff?’” said Sharon Fink, owner of Fink’s.

Originally, her uncle Henry Fink started the business back in 1966 as a Kawasaki dealership.