Baylor for Mayor nominating petitions have been submitted, and we await ballot access.


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In the state of Indiana, a “Petition of Nomination for City or Town Office in 2015” signed by registered voters residing in city precincts is required to nominate independent candidates or candidates of a minor political party not already “entitled” to have its candidates placed on the ballot (Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians).

Accordingly, the Baylor for Mayor campaign now has collected the required number of signatures, and we delivered the completed petition to the Floyd County Voter Registration Office on the morning of Monday, June 29, 2015, along with various two other pertinent documents.

Once verified and forwarded to the Floyd County Election Board, these documents will provide me with ballot access as an independent candidate for the municipal election in 2015.

I’m looking forward to engaging the people of New Albany in discussions about the many local topics that Democratic and Republican candidates tend to overlook, among them governmental transparency, grassroots economic localism and the proper uses of the city’s public infrastructure and physical assets. These may not be sexy or flashy topics, but they impact the lives of our residents every day, not every once in a while. They’re needs, not wants, and they’ll be our prime focus.

Local government shouldn’t be about the same old political parties and their equally tired patronage schemes, but about doing the right things for the right reasons. We’ll try not to criticize without offering potential solutions. It’s time to try something different for a change.

We’ll be commencing serious work on the website this week, and preparing the game plan for the coming months. I’d like to thank the voters who signed the petition, especially those who remarked to me that while they may or may not support my candidacy, it mattered to them that the system should permit the participation of non-partisan and independent candidates.

Huge thanks as well to those who volunteered to go out and canvass for signatures. You rock. A candidate like me, without financial resources like theirs, needs to be creative, but moreover, we need volunteers, so if you’re interested, let me know.

Baylor for Mayor