How does Jeff Gahan score using these “5 Best Practices for Open Local Government”?


“Open government”?

“Culture of transparency”?


Deep within the bowels of the mayor’s down-low bunker, they’d be laughing at these open government practices, emanating three or more years ago from the state of Utah.

But they’re not giggling, because they’re entirely unaware that notions like these even exist — and that’s why they need to be sent packing.

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5 Best Practices for Open Local Government, by Noelle Knell (Government Technology; April 6, 2012)

1. Local governments should establish a dedicated open government webpage, providing a searchable repository for all public information, accessible in three clicks or less.

2. Online information needs to be collected, generated and maintained in a digital form and made available on the open government webpage in a timely way.

3. All electronic communications made with government supplied equipment, including emails and instant messages, should be considered public records.

4. Elected officials and senior administrators should post their schedules publicly, maintain open settings on social networking sites and commit to a culture of transparency.

5. Governmental bodies should make all public meetings as open as possible by posting agendas and meeting materials in advance, streaming live meeting audio or video, posting recordings within 48 hours and allowing remote participation.