And the uncontested winner is: Dan Coffey’s vile, bigoted New Albany.


8:15 a.m. update: I missed last night’s belated Democratic social media agitprop on the topic.

Following last evening’s predictably anti-climactic council meeting, here’s your Dan Coffey LGBT Slur Scorecard.

Coffey: No apologies, because knowing your peers are astoundingly weak means never having to say you’re sorry.

Pat McLaughlin’s City Council: Silent.

Jeff Gahan’s City Hall: Silent. Evidently the mayor left his pooper scooper leaning against the plaque in Bicentennial Park.

Adam Dickey’s Democratic Party: Silent. Coffey delivers votes to a party that stands for nothing, which makes him a superstar among the posturing.

Chris Lane’s Republican Party: Silent, but understandably so. Why on earth would Lane utter a single word when Coffey’s happily toeing the GOP’s primeval sociability line, and the Democrats seem determined to issue hourly shotgun blasts to their own feet?

Welcome to your so-called civic leaders.

Welcome to their willingness to play their silly small-pond games of politics as usual while one of their own tramples the city’s image.

Welcome to New Albany, where fundamental rules never, ever matter, but where the Democratic Kool-Aid is awesome.

The conclusion? It’s the essence of simplicity. These “leaders” have not led, and are not leading. If you’re appalled at Coffey’s antics, these “leaders” have shrugged and let you down. They’re not supporting you.

Why continue supporting them?