A feather knocks us over as Democrats belatedly shuffle, mumble and pander about oppression.


Given that the Floyd County Democratic Party has been censoring me on social media since December, 2014, it’s true that I only rarely visit the party’s propaganda hive at Facebook.

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Consequently, I definitely missed this post late last night.

Let’s review.

Weeks of silence pass, and at the very last opportunity to indicate the presence of a pulse, however faint, Adam Dickey waits until a brand new autonomous organization steps up to what might have been the Democratic Party’s bully pulpit, and then — only then — oozes a tepid late-night statement of solidarity with the oppressed … who have been waiting in vain for weeks on end for Adam’s tea leaves to magically align.

And does not so much as mention Dan Coffey’s name.

That’s passionate, raw courage, isn’t it?

In the narrowest of possible interpretations, then yes — the local Democratic Party has not been silent about Coffey’s anti-LGBT slurs, which were captured and documented on film.

But with leaders like these, who needs enemies?


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