Deutschland ’83: Finally, television I’d like to watch.


I’m notorious for watching very little television — an hour a week, sometimes two, and just about all of it on the public channels. There are so many worthy books to read.

However, this series sounds like it was written and filmed just for me. Accordingly, I missed last night’s premiere. In fact, I couldn’t have watched it, given that we have only the local channels on cable.

Some day …

Spies, Bananas, and the Berlin Wall: ‘Deutschland 83,’ the Summer’s Best New Show, Premieres Tonight, by Andy Greenwald (Grantland)

It’s an eight-part series about a baby-faced East German soldier named Martin who is secreted into the West German army as a spy in 1983, when the Cold War was at its hottest and synth-pop was at its coolest.