Yet another gigantic cash flushing sound heard as ORBP axes tolling consultant.


I really enjoyed doing these memes (“Kerry Stemler’s statement on the occasion of the Clark Memorial Bridge closing,” July 8, 2014), and am humbly grateful for the opportunity to reprise them. Meanwhile, in case you were wondering about the headline …

Adviser and advisor are both accepted spellings of the noun meaning one who advises or counsels. There is no difference between them. But adviser, the older version, is listed as the primary spelling in most dictionaries, and it is about five times as common as advisor in current news publications from throughout the English-speaking world.

Now, to the point, as stated eloquently by the inimitable Iamhoosier at Fb:

The never ending cluster ****, known as the Bridge$ project.

Yep. Sure is, and will continue to be. I repeat: It should be called the Kerry Stemler Toll Bridge, forever more.

Ohio River Bridges Project removes toll services advisor due to failure to correct myriad of failures, by Joe Sonka (Insider Lousiville)

The Kentucky-Indiana Joint Board of the Ohio River Bridges Project removed and replaced eTrans KY Inc. as its toll services advisor on Tuesday, stating in a resolution that the contractor’s performance since it began in February “has not met with the expectations of the Joint Board.”

While the board provided few details about eTrans’ deficiencies, an open records request obtained by Insider Louisville from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet shows the cabinet gave the company notices of default in April and May, listing a myriad of failures and incompetencies that were not corrected.

Recent posting about the ORBP:

Surprise, surprise, surprise … said Gomer Pyle, Kerry Stemler and 1Si, as bridge tolls go on forever.