NAC Reader Comments 2: “Why does the city turn a blind eye to the negligence on Spring Street?”


Regular blog reader BM recently shared a past Facebook review, posted to the city’s Fb site but as yet unacknowledged, and noted that since city officials routinely deny reading what appears at NA Confidential even as they rush to respond to it, perhaps his point would gain wider circulation if published here.

It surely can’t come any more slowly than 334-odd days later, so let’s give it a go.

From June 10, 2015:

Shared this post because it’s been 11 months and nothing has been done on Spring Street yet John Rosenbarger’s street has been improved to slow traffic. No answers to my post from the Mayor or his constituents. Still waiting Mr. HAMBURGLER.

From July 11, 2014 — posted as a review to the city’s outsourced Fb page, without reply:

Maybe the city can get some funding to build a pet cemetery instead of a dog park. May I suggest somewhere on Spring Street between Vincennes and 8th Street. This way all the semis can pay their proper respects to the beloved animals that are killed by them. Lost our family cat this morning to a truck doing at least 45 miles an hour!! Why does the city turn a blind eye to the negligence on Spring Street? Maybe if it were the Mayors cat, something might be done??