Nash on the rights of everyone.


Matt doesn’t mention our very own Ayatollah Coffey by name, but he needn’t bother. By now, the silence has grown deafening: Fellow council members (most of them Democrats), Jeff Gahan and the Democratic Party itself, all cowering in their respective bunkers as Coffey once again mocks them with impunity.

Coffey has no challenger in his re-election race, but you’re free to punish the others by withholding your votes. Consider this a recommendation.

Thanks to Matt Nash for another fine column.

NASH: The rights of everyone, by Matt Nash (Jeffersonville Now!)

… The irony of the local situation is the offending words came during a discussion about “Freedom of Religion” and the free exercise thereof, another of the rights guaranteed by the same First Amendment. It is true that you can practice whatever religion you see fit, but it also forbids the establishment of a state religion. Now I understand that the courts have ruled that prayer prior to public meeting does not violate the establishment clause, but why must you feel the need?

What will happen when a non-Christian clergy decides that it is time that you pray to his or her god before you hold your city council meeting? Who gets to decide what religions are worthy of this honor? Will members of the New Albany City Council be so open to their free exercise of their religion?