James Howard Kunstler: The New York Times, human population and techno-narcissism.


Sunday mornings are the ideal time to cultivate the life of the mind with coffee and good reading, the idea being to think globally even as one acts locally.

As here, with a writer unafraid of to deploy the art of the polemic.

Twenty-Three Geniuses, by William Howard Kunstler at his Clusterfuck Nation blog

If there is a Pulitzer Booby Prize for stupidity, waste no time in awarding it to The New York Times’ Monday feature, The Unrealized Horrors of Population Explosion. The former “newspaper of record” wants us to assume now that the sky’s the limit for human activity on the planet earth. Problemo cancelled. The article and accompanying video was actually prepared by a staff of 23 journalists. Give the Times another award for rounding up so many credentialed idiots for one job.

Apart from just dumping on Stanford U. biologist Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb (1968), this foolish “crisis report” strenuously overlooks virtually every blossoming fiasco around the world. This must be what comes of viewing the world through your cell phone.