An idle question: Aquatics center cost overruns?


My friend writes with a very good question.

My dad built malls and anchor stores toward the end of his career. He told me “when things get late, budgets fly out the window.”

Since we see lots of dinky, little billboards featuring Mr. Gahan superimposed in front of the rendering of the mythical swimming pool, saying “It’s where you ought to be” (even though the featured “where” doesn’t exist ) – I feel quite certain cost overruns are probably taking place.

Since it’s money that hasn’t yet been taxed into existence, who can find out about the amounts, the schedule, etc.?

It’s something that might be discussed by any number of political appointees, or at Redevelopment, which approved the mayor’s Eisenhower-era parks and recreation pending spree with little discussion, or even by the somnolent city council, which applied the coup de rubber stamp to the project.

Conversely, reflecting the voguish trend of the moment, we might join Dan Coffey in praying for the information to be disclosed.

Late note: It was revealed earlier today that water sports will begin on or near June 26.