KoffeyKulturKampf 3: Democrats release bold statement of principle.


Don’t just do something — stand there.

As Dan Coffey continues to define the parameters of our “new” Democratic Party, here’s what we’ve had to say.

KoffeyKulturKampf 2: Why are Democrats averting their gaze as Democrats enable Dan Coffey?

KoffeyKulturKampf 1: John Gonder writes, “I’m just one Councilman who probably has been/is being targeted for defeat because of (Coffey’s) antics.”

Dan Coffey sniffs the wind, smells impending defeat for the mayor — and tacks starboard.

Matt Nash on Dan Coffey: “His views are backward and repugnant.”

ON THE AVENUES: Dan Coffey speaks for Jeff Gahan and the Democratic Party … unless they say otherwise.

Mount Tone Deaf just doesn’t have the same ring, does it?

Vintage Coffey Klatch: “Let me explain by threatening you.”

Dan Coffey’s copperhead shake described: “Hot toadstools and cold cappuccino” (2009).

Dan Coffey’s homophobic council tantrum: The Video.

Longtime homophobe Coffey offers heartfelt prayer for his “lying piece of (expletive)” colleague.

Prayer duly restored, the Ayatollah Coffey will now decide whether your religion deserves his stamp of approval.